Bias Tape Maker Set

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This bias tape maker set includes four sizes of tape makers.

Sizes included:

  • 6mm Bias Tape Maker
  • 12mm Bias Tape Maker
  • 18mm Bias Tape Maker
  • 25mm Bias Tape Maker

Create your own bias binding using these handy tape making tools.

Simply cut strips of fabric twice the width of the finished size, join all the strips together at the ends to create one long strip, and then feed the strip through the tool, the strip comes out the other end of the tool folded for you! Now just press with the iron to set the folds.

Can also be used for quilt bindings: simply cut the strips of fabric along the straight or cross grain of the fabric instead of on the bias.

We also sell these tools individually, and in a deluxe set.

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