Fiskars 8" Razor Edge Fabric Shears

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These shears combine ultra-sharp blades for clean cuts through fabric with an easy-to-use design and a unique handle shape for more accurate tabletop cutting. A spring-action design opens the blades after each cut, greatly reducing the effort needed for this basic motion.

For mistake-free cutting precision, the unique handle design helps keep fabric flat on the table while you cut. A contoured handle with Softgrip® touchpoints provides a secure, comfortable grip.

Length: 8"


  • An easy-open lock helps protect the blades during transport and storage. 
  • Spring action is great for those with arthritis.


In 1967, Fiskars revolutionised the way the world saw scissors. Not only were their orange-handled scissors lighter, more comfortable and easier to handle than heavy forged scissors, they also delivered an amazing leap in cutting performance. Since then, over a billion Fiskars scissors have been sold worldwide.

Today, their scissors are loved worldwide for their superior cutting performance and legendary durability. So, no matter how tough the cutting challenge, you can rest assured they have the perfect pair of scissors for you.

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