Fiskars Lefty Dressmaker Shears 8"

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The 8" Lefty shears by Fiskars are specially designed for left-handed dressmakers: they have sharper blades in a true left-handed style for better visibility when cutting fabric, and an ergonomic handle for unmatched comfort and control. The bent handle design keeps materials flat and improves accuracy while cutting.

Fiskars Dressmaker Shears are made from the highest-grade stainless steel which is ground to a precision sharp edge. The result is a scissor that makes a clean, crisp cut all the way to the tip - a feature vital for cutting fabric. Their ergonomically designed orange handles feel sculpted to your hand, giving you legendary comfort, sensitivity and control when cutting.

Size: 8" (20cm) 


  • True left-handed scissors have reversed blades, allowing better visibility when cutting.
  • Cut a wide variety of materials, including denim, silk and multiple layers of fabric.
  • The high grade stainless steel is precision ground and will stay sharp longer.
  • Large, ergonomic handles give added leverage and extra comfort for larger hands.
  • Lifetime warranty.


Introduced to the world first as quality fabric scissors, these scissors caused quite a stir. Not only was the design radical compared to forged scissors, but also much lighter and more comfortable. The cutting performance was so good it forced many a home seamstress to declare the scissors off limits - the same still holds true today.

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