Invisible Zipper Foot


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Angled grooves make this invisible zipper foot the best of its kind. The snap-on foot has two special grooves which allow you to guide the needle directly next to the zip coil or teeth. It creates an invisible finish where the zipper is hidden in the seam and only the tab is visible; trust us, you will never get the same result with a regular zipper foot.

Here at the Sewing Depot we've tried three different types of invisible zipper feet and these ones are by far the best: the grooves are angled outwards so the foot rolls the zip coils open for you, and there's no need to iron your zip flat. It couldn't be easier!

Will fit most machines with snap-on feet. Please note you may need to use the stitch width adjustment on your sewing machine to move your needle position slightly to the left or right: you are aiming to sew in the groove, as close to the teeth or coils as you can get without actually sewing on top of them.

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