Klasse' Serrated Dressmaking Shears

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Made in Italy, these high-quality drop-forged dressmaking shears are professional quality and will last a lifetime, Klasse' guarantee it.

Available for both right-handed and left-handed dressmakers, the bent-angle grip makes cutting fabrics a breeze, and allows you to rest both the blades and the handle on the table as you cut, protecting your wrist by supporting the weight of the scissors.

A classic compact length at 8 1/4" (210mm) long, they offer excellent quality and precision in a smaller package. The finger hole is approximately 55 x 22mm, and the thumb hole is approximately 33 x 25mm.

Please make sure to keep these shears for cutting your fabrics only; using them to cut paper and craft materials will blunt the blades over time and can even damage them.


  • Double-plated with a nickel and chrome finish for lifelong protection.
  • Spacing and tension on the blades can be easily adjusted using the screw, and then locked into place with the locking nut.
  • Handle comfortably fits three adult-sized fingers.
  • Serrated lower blade takes hold of the fabric and prevents it from sliding out of the blades during the cutting process.
  • The knife-edge precision sharpening on the upper blade allows incredible cutting power - up to 8 thicknesses of fabric in one cut! 

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