Rolled Hem Presser Foot


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Sewing narrow hems on light to heavy weight fabrics is surprisingly simple with this snap-on presser foot.

Available in two sizes, this Rolled Hem Foot has curled metal fingers that guide the fabric into a double fold. The resulting hem is very narrow. This is very difficult to do by hand and requires a lot more sewing steps and awkward use of the iron.

To sew your hem, fold the first 3-4cm by hand and pin. Place the foot on top of the hem and sew with a straight stitch, feeding the fabric into the foot as you go. Using the width adjustment on your sewing machine, adjust the position of the needle slightly left or right to ensure that the stitching is lined up correctly.

Will fit most low shank snap-on machines.

Available Sizes:

  • Narrow (sews hem of 1-2mm finished width)
  • 3mm

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