Back to School Mending and Crafts

The kids are heading back to school, and we are sure that there are many uniforms that need a little bit of love and care. Or maybe, you are looking for some new crafty activities for the start of a new term? Well, not to worry, because we have some handy tips and tricks for both areas. 

Uniform Mending

Patches for fixing holes:

If you are wanting to mend a hole or tear in your child's uniform, perhaps on their blazer or trousers, our iron on patches can be very useful. Simply cut the patch to the size you need, then place the patch over the area in which you'd like to mend and iron on. For extra longevity, you can stitch the patch down which can also make a nice decorative feature. Alternatively, hemming web can also be used for the same type of mending. 

Labelling and marking: 

We all know that kids are famous for misplacing things or leaving their jumper on the bus. So labelling and marking uniforms is crucial. We highly recommend using the Sewline Stayer Fabric Marker, along with our name label tape. These tools will make the process of naming your children's clothing much quicker and easier.

Handy stitches for general mending: 

Sometimes, you may need to quickly mend something, so knowing these basic hand stitches will help you a lot. 

1. Running Stitch: great for attaching patches, fixing hems and re-attaching straps. (Click here for a tutorial)

2. Slip Stitch: perfect for reinforcing hems and repairing a visible tear or hole. The slip stitch is great if you don't want it to be seen from the outside. (Click here for a tutorial)

3. Button Sewing: repairing and re-attaching buttons. Use a double knotted thread for extra strength. (Click here for a tutorial)

Shop our range of hand sewing needles and domestic thread for all your mending needs. (For mending knitwear, we suggest using our DMC Embroidery threads

Back to School Crafts

Labelling school books: 

Our Brother Label Makers will make labelling school books super easy and not to mention, super fun! You can use different fonts, colours and styles to make unique labels that stand out. 

DIY School Bags: 

Instead of splurging on an un-necessary new school bag/backpack, why not have some fun and spice up an old one? We have some fun little iron-on motifs that can brighten up anything, and they're super easy to apply. This not only saves you money, but makes for a fun activity before school starts. 


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