Here at The Sewing Depot we can offer a range of workshops for various skill levels. Our staff are specialists in sewing, machine maintenance, Scan N Cut, knitting and crochet, and if you're interested in learning about a subject that we don't cover ourselves we will happily look for an expert to help us out.


Private lessons are a great way to get focused attention, and have your specific questions answered.

Lessons are usually held on Tuesdays & Thursdays between 10am - 6pm and Wednesdays 1pm - 7pm but we can be flexible to find a time that works for you. 

You can use our sewing machines and overlockers, or bring your own. 


$50 per hour

$30 per half hour

Please contact us or book here.


Freestyle sessions allow you to bring in any project you want to start or are currently working on.

You'll be able to work on your project, self-directed and at your own pace, with expert help on hand as you need it.

We have sewing machines and overlockers for you to use, or bring your own.

If you have never sewn before please book a private lesson first.


$50 for a 1.5 hour session

$75 for a 3 hour session

Please contact us to book a freestyle session.


Do you have a project to finish or some mending to do? Is your machine out of action or you just don't have one? We offer in-store use of our sewing machines so you can get those sewing tasks done!

Our sewing machines are wonderfully quiet and smooth electronic machines with a fantastic range of utility, decorative and embroidery stitches. They also have automatic 1-step buttonholes, auto-cutters, and auto-threaders. Or if you prefer you may use one of our mechanical machines.

Overlockers are also available, for 3-thread, 4-thread or roll hem sewing.

PRICES: $20 per hour (charged per half hour after the first hour).

Price includes use of:

  • Sewing Machine (bobbins must be purchased separately - 80 cents each)
  • Overlocker (includes use of black or white thread)
  • Sewing Tools (scissors, snips, tape measures, pins, chalk)


Staff are available for technical questions about the machines but generally not for sewing advice. If you would like advice or tutoring on your project please book a private lesson instead.

Machine hire is not available on Saturdays; only Monday through Friday.

Please note that machine hire is also not available during busy shop times, special events or scheduled lessons. Please call ahead or book in advance to avoid disappointment. Sorry, we currently only hire machines for use in store.