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Temporary fabric adhesive.

Size: 4 fl oz (118ml)

Aleene's Tack-It Over & Over Glue is a pressure sensitive glue that can be applied to appliques which then can be moved from garment to garment. Also use on surfaces such as stencils that require a temporary bond.

Great for metal, wood, paper, plastic, glass, silicone stamps and stencils. Not intended for leather, silk, rayon and polyester. Non-toxic, dries clear and flexible.

To Use:

  • Always test for best results
  • Brush thin coat on embellishment back; let dry until clear.
  • Blot away excess before applying to surface.
  • Reapply glue as needed for continual tackiness.
  • In case of clogged tip, unscrew tip and use a paper clip to remove dried glue.

This glue can also be used to re-stick your ScanNCut mats!

Mix 1 part glue with 1 part water, spread the thin layer on your clean* mat. Allow to dry, and now your mat will be nice and tacky again!

*Wash mats in soapy water first and allow to dry. (Sometimes this is all they need to get their stick back, if not continue onto the glue step.)

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