We offer basic machine maintenance and servicing for all brands of sewing machines and overlockers. 

If you have purchased a machine from us and are having issues with it, please let us know. We will talk you through troubleshooting the issue and if we believe it needs a repair under warranty, we will refer you to your closest service agent.

We also offer servicing, basic machine maintenance and machine help in store. If you need something simple like help replacing a needle, or re threading an overlocker we can often do it same day; for other things we will generally ask you to leave it with us for a few days. 

Alternatively, you can learn the basic skills needed to extend the life of your machine with our in-store lessons for $50 (sewing machines and overlockers are taught separately).

Many issues can be solved for you with a full service and we can often order and install replacement parts - depending on the age of the machine. If you are unsure if we can help or not feel free to bring in your machine and we can let you know.