Welcome to Understanding Patterns.

A new theory-focused sewing class designed to address common pattern issues and provide valuable insights on fit and sewing preparation to improve your overall sewing skills.


During this class, we will cover various aspects that often cause difficulties, while also offering personalized guidance by addressing specific questions from our students.


One prevalent challenge is selecting the appropriate size. To tackle this, we will delve into the accurate measurement-taking process, explore the concept of garment ease, and guide you on where to find relevant information within your pattern. Understanding your own body type and recognizing fit issues unique to you is crucial, as it enables you to make necessary adjustments right from the start.


We will thoroughly explain how to decipher pattern instructions, shedding light on commonly used language. It's important to note that different pattern brands may utilize varying seam allowances, necessitating familiarity with locating such details. Additionally, we will explore pattern labeling, layouts, and fabric nap to optimize fabric usage and achieve superior results in your finished garments.


A fundamental principle to bear in mind is that a significant portion of sewing work occurs before even touching your sewing machine. Regardless of your sewing skills, mistakes made during preparation and cutting stages are difficult to rectify. Therefore, careful attention to these initial steps is paramount for success in your sewing endeavors.


So come prepared with your notebook and any patterns you'd like assistance with. If time permits, we will gladly address your questions using these patterns as practical examples.


We look forward to diving into the theory of understanding patterns and helping you overcome any challenges you may be facing.


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