We offer warranties on all of our domestic sewing machines, overlockers, irons and electric ironing boards. We also offer warranties on all of our industrial sewing machines, overlockers, cutters and irons. The warranty for each product depends on the type of product and the manufacturer. Warranty details for a particular product can be found under the Warranty Tab on the product’s information page.

All warranties exclude:

  • Freight
  • User caused faults
  • Misuse
  • Damage from using the goods for a purpose or in a manner for which they were not designed.
  • Consumables (light bulbs, needles, threads, stitch plates, bobbins etc.)

Domestic machines used commercially
Domestic machines used for industrial, commercial or small business purposes will only qualify for a Limited Industrial Warranty. In most cases this is limited to 90 days.

Service during the warranty period
Any service or repair work carried out during the warranty period must be performed by an approved service person or the warranty will be void.

Goods returned for repair during the warranty period
Goods returned for repair during the warranty period must be postage paid and well protected to prevent any damage in transit. For the best protection we recommend using the original packaging. Please take care when packing the goods as you are liable for any damage due to inadequate packaging.

For most domestic and standard sized items we can arrange a courier to pick them up from your address. If you choose this option the courier fee will be payable before the return of your item. Please note that couriers do not pick up from RD addresses however you may drop the item in to your nearest courier depot or provide a safe alternative non-RD address where the item can be picked up.

Please follow this process if you have a problem with an item that is still under warranty:

  1. Contact us with the make and model of your machine, and a description of the problem. Most problems are small things that can be fixed as we talk you through them over the phone or by email.

  2. If we cannot help you fix the problem over the phone then you may need to package the machine up and drop it in or have it sent to us. Let us know if you would like us to organise a courier pickup for you (a fee applies). Please note that safe transit of the machine is your responsibility and any damage caused by inadequate packaging will not be covered under the Warranty.

  3. Once we receive your machine we will inspect it and depending on the fault will either repair or replace it, and will return it to you at our cost.

  4. If the fault has been caused by user error, misuse, or by using the machine for a purpose or in a manner for which it was not designed, then unfortunately it is not covered under the Warranty. In this case we reserve the right to charge you for the cost of the repairs. If the fault is minor and will take little time to remedy we will often do the work for free. If we decide that we will need to charge you for the repairs we will first inform you of what we have found and will provide a quote for the repairs. You are under no obligation to go ahead with the repairs. The cost of repair and return shipping must be paid in full before the work is carried out.

How to minimise the chances of having problems with your machine
We test every Mercury machine ourselves before it goes out the door to ensure that it arrives to you problem free and ready to go. Our Singer machines are put through a thorough quality control process by the Singer Sewing Machine Co.

Although we do our best to provide you with a quality product, like all mass produced products there will occasionally be a few that sneak through the quality control. We will of course remedy these as quickly as possible; however these problems are few and far between.

Thankfully most problems with machines are minor and can be avoided altogether or easily remedied. We have put together some tips for how to get the best from your machine:

  • Buy the right machine: When shopping for a machine keep in mind what you need it to do (clothing/denim/quilting/embroidery/upholstery…). Few machines can do it all! We are happy to recommend machines best suited to your needs.

  • Educate yourself: A sewing machine is a complicated piece of machinery with delicate parts and limitations. We do not recommend jumping straight into using your machine without learning about it first. New machines are often damaged by new users trying to ‘figure it out’ themselves. This includes experienced sewers who have purchased a new machine as they often make more assumptions about the machine than beginners do. Before turning on your machine we recommend reading the manual and watching the DVD if provided. You could also try searching for instructional videos of your model on You Tube. If you are local to us we would be happy to give you a short free lesson on the basics of using your machine. For further sewing lessons please see our in house sewing school The Fashion Workshop.

  • Troubleshooting: Please see the troubleshooting guide on our website for tips on how to avoid or fix some of the most commonly occurring issues.