Brother Compact MuVit Digital Dual Feed Foot


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The MuVit Dual Feed Foot can powerfully feed fabric from the top and bottom, and all that power is packed into an amazingly compact body! This digitally-controlled, direct motor-driven accessory foot is designed for complex projects which require special handling. Dual feed power makes it incredibly easy to sew precise, uniform stitches on a range of fabrics like leather, faux fur, and silk.

The Compact MuVit digital dual feed foot comes with a standard presser foot which is easily attached. There are optional accessory feet available including ¼” with guide, stitch in the ditch, couching foot, and open toe foot, in addition to dual feed quilting guides which slot in the back of the MuVit Digital Dual Feed Foot. The MuVit Digital Dual Feed Foot features an adjustable conveyor belt for feeding the top layer of fabric as the feed dogs move the lower layer of fabric. Settings within the machine will allow you to adjust the speed and the height of this presser foot which is ideal for quilting and for sewing with heavier fabrics.


  • Dual feed power makes it incredibly easy to sew precise uniform stitches
  • Prevents puckering as you sew
  • Sew multiple layers of fabric with ease


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