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The Print to Cut Function for the ScanNCut DX allows you to accurately cut sheets of detailed designs with ease. This function allows you to add registration marks to a 'print to cut' project, which goes with the cutting data created in the CanvasWorkspace. This helps detect the cutting position on the machine and allows you to easily cut images or parts of images from detailed material. 

For use with ScanNCut DX only. 


  • 1x Activation Card for ScanNCut Print and Cut Plugin
  • Auto Position Adjustment
  • Use with Adobe Illustrator and Canvas Workspace
  • Compatible with SDX Series


1. Activate the Print to Cut function in CanvasWorkspace

2. Add registration marks

3. Import an image into CanvasWorkspace and create cutting data 

4. Save the created data as a PDF file for printing, and print it with a printer 

5. Transfer the FCM file (the cutting data) to the cutting machine 

6. Cut the printed material with the cutting machine 

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