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Scan and cut and so much more. The incredible auto blade technology cuts most materials up to 3mm and the new SDX1250 now includes the amazing rotary blade that slices through tricky fabrics and intricate designs with ease. The ScanNCut has hundreds of built-in designs and a large touchscreen for accessing and editing without the need for any extra devices. When you are ready to play and do more, CanvasWorkspace is subscription-free software packed with extras and transfers easily via WIFI to your machine from computer/tablet/smart phone. You’ll love being able to cut adhesive and heat transfer vinyls (HTV), draw and create stickers, emboss, foil, score and create professional calligraphy for cardmaking and events and other activities all on one machine. If you love Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machines, you’ll love SDX1250 and the My Connection feature for transferring applique and other designs directly to and from compatible sewing machines.



  • Rotary blade for cutting tricky fabrics like lace, knits, organza and more
  • 1,303 built-in designs, 17 fonts built-in and accessed via touchscreen
  • PLUS 63 new rotary blade designs, transferred via WIFI through subscription-free software, CanvasWorkspace
  • Only Brother's cutting machines come with a built-in scanner, great for fussy cutting or capturing unique designs
  • Fully automatic blade, detects and cuts most media up to 3mm thick
  • MyConnection for directly transferring applique and other designs to and from compatible sewing machines


  • Rotary Auto Blade Have even more fun with fabrics! The SDX1250 comes with a rotary auto blade attachment and 63 brand NEW rotary designs.

  •  Built-in scanner The ScanNCut is the only crafting machine to feature a 600dpi scanner. You can scan virtually anything – a drawing, a cherished photo, even material offcuts, so there’s less wastage! Transform your scans into cut, draw, foil, pierce or emboss designs.*

  •  Standalone Use the large 5” colour touchscreen to edit, zoom, customise and even create your own designs, with no PC or mobile needed. Save designs to your machine’s memory or USB for future use.

  •  Blade sensor technology Brother’s innovative auto-blade sensor automatically detects material thickness, taking away tricky guesswork. Get the perfect cut, every time.

  •  Cut up to 3mm thick Foam, felt, fabric, leather, balsa, card, paper – you name it, you can cut it (up to 3mm thick).

  •  Whisper quiet Even though the Brother ScanNCut DX range is a mighty and powerful cutting machine, it is truly whisper quiet when cutting which makes it perfect to use anywhere!

  •  Something for everyone With 1,303 designs and 17 fonts built-in, PLUS 63 rotary blade designs on activation card, your SDX1250 has something to suit every creative occasion.

  •  Handy half-cut function The half-cut function is perfect for cutting stickers and heat transfer materials like flex- and flock foils. Pair with background scanning to create designs that use every inch of your material – perfect for hobbyists and business owners alike.

  •  Connect your craft room With wireless connectivity you can send designs directly to your ScanNCut from your free CanvasWorkspace account, no wires or flash drives needed. Using the built-in USB port, you can import PES/PHX/PHC files so you can turn treasured embroidery patterns into matching stickers, line art, cutting guides, embossing or foiling projects.

  •  SVG data readability Your SDX1250 can read SVG files directly, so there’s no need to spend time converting first. More time crafting, less time converting.

    Cut out the hassle Remove the hassle of hand cutting designs from paper and fabric. Just scan, highlight and cut. Perfect for those who may have difficulty holding scissors or cutting knives.

  •  Calling all quilters! The SDX1250 comes with 140 built-in quilt blocks and appliqué designs. Plus the new Rotary Auto Blade kit, which includes a rotary auto blade and 63 brand new rotary designs. Your ScanNCut can even draw in and cut your desired seam allowance, so perfect quilting every time!

  •  Get rolling... Expand your creative possibilities with the roll feeder 2* for the ScanNCut DX range. Create longer designs for home décor, or shop windows. It’s the perfect tool for cutting vinyl stickers and heat transfer materials. And with the roll feeder 2*, you don’t even need to use a mat!

  •  Supersize me Now it’s super easy to go supersize when cutting vinyls. Combine your roll feeder 2* with the Vinyl Auto Blade*, which includes great new features like the tiling function which allows you you to create unlimited sized vinyls and the handy weeding box function for easier and more efficient weeding!

  •  My Connection Got an embroidery design that you love? Using the exclusive My Connection** function, transfer designs directly to/from compatible sewing machines and turn them into patterns to be used on your ScanNCut. Perfect for applique. Love a ScanNCut pattern and want to see it stitched out? Send it to your compatible sewing machine and create an embroidery design around it. 

  •  Never stop creating* With our extensive range of optional accessories, Brother will be at your side to help you take your creative projects to the next level. Check out the Disney collection, stencil sheets, vinyl, foiling, roll feeder and embossing kits, and so much more by visiting 


  • Black auto blade & holder
  • Rotary blade & holder
  • Standard-tack mat (12”x12”)
  • Low-tack mat (12”x12”)
  • Pen holder
  • 2x Erasable pens
  • Touch pen (Stylus)
  • Spatula
  • Accessory bag
  • Power cord
  • Getting started guide
  • Cardstock 12" x 12" (1 pc)
  • My Connection activation card
  • Rotary blade design activation card
  • Activation card for CanvasWorkspace



  • Brayer (CABRY1)
  • Scraper Tool (CASCP1)
  • Spatula and Hook Set (CASPHK1)

Premium Kits

  • Embossing Starter Kit (CAEBSKIT1)
  • Foiling Starter Kit (CAFTKIT1)
  • Roll Feed Attachment (CADXRF2)
  • Rhinestone Starter Kit (CARSKIT1)
  • Calligraphy Starter Kit (CADXCLGKIT1)
  • Paper Piercing Starter Kit (CADXPPKIT1)
  • Vinyl Auto Blade Kit (CADXVBKIT1)
  • Disney Vinyl Auto Blade Kit (CADXVBDSNKIT1)

Blades, Holders & Pens

  • Auto Blade 3mm (CADXBLD1)
  • Auto Blade Holder (CADXHLD1) 
  • Thin Fabric Auto Blade (CADXBLDQ1)
  • Thin Fabric Auto Blade Holder (CADXHLDQ1)
  • Pen Holder (CAPENHL1)
  • Colour Pen - 6pcs (CAPEN1)
  • Erasable Pen - 2pcs (CAPEN2)
  • Universal Pen Holder (CAUNIPHL1)
  • Small Universal Pen Holder (CAUNIPHL2)
  • Calligraphy Pens 5pc per set (CADXCLGPEN1, CADXCLGPEN2, CADXCLGPEN3)
  • Foiling Glue Pens (CAFTGP1)
  • Paper Piercing Tools (CADXPPTL1)
  • Embossing Tool Set (CAEBSKIT1)
  • Roll Feeder Cutter (CADXRFC1)

Mats, Sheets & Other Consumables

  • Iron-on Contact Sheet for applique (CASTBL1)
  • High Tack Support Sheet for Fabric Cutting (CASTBL2)
  • Low Tack Mat 12 x 12" "/305 x 350mm (CADXMATLOW12)
  • Jumbo Low Tack Mat 12 x 24" "/305 x 610mm (CADXMATLOW24)
  • Scanning Mat 12 x 12"/305 x 350mm (CADXMATS12)
  • Standard Tack Mat 12 x 12" "/305 x 350mm (CADXMATSTD12)
  • Jumbo Standard tack Mat 12 x 24" "/305 x 610mm (CADXMATSTD24)
  • Jumbo Scanning Mat 12 x 24"/305 x 610mm (CADXMATS24)
  • Rhinestone Sheet Set (CARSSH1)
  • Rhinestone Transfer Sheets (CARSTS1)
  • Stencil sheet (CASTCL1)
  • Embossing Mat (CAEBSMAT1)
  • Bronze Embossing Metal Sheets (CAEBSBMS1)
  • Silver Embossing Metal Sheets (CAEBSSMS1)
  • Embossing Template Sheets (CAEBSTS1)
  • Paper Piercing Mat (CADXPPMAT1)
  • Foil Blue (CAFTSBLU1)
  • Foil Gold (CAFTSGLD1)
  • Foil Green (CAFTSGRN1)
  • Foil Pink (CAFTSPNK1)
  • Foil Red (CAFTSRED1)
  • Foil Silver (CAFTSSIL1)

Design Pattern Collections

  • Quilt Pattern USB1 (CAUSB1)
  • Applique Pattern USB2 (CAUSB2)
  • 3D model Pattern USB4 (CAUSB4)
  • Canvas Premium Pack No. 2 (Enhanced Image Tracing / 25 design patterns) (CACVPPAC2)
  • Christmas Décor Collection (CACDCP01)
  • Paper Piercing Design Collection (CADXPPDP01)
  • Calligraphy Font Collection (CADXCLGFP01)
  • Tattered Lace Collections 1-8 (CATTLP01, CATTLP02, CATTLP03, CATTLP04, CATTLP05, CATTLP06, CATTLP07, CATTLP08)
  • Disney Pattern Collections 1-12 (CADSNP01, CADSNP02, CADSNP03, CADSNP04, CADSNP05, CADSNP06, CADSNP07, CADSNP08, CADSNP09, CADSNP10, CADXDSNP11, CADXDSNP12)



If you are able to come in store, we can book you in for a free introductory lesson on how to use your machine. We also do one-on-one lessons, from basic sewing to machine embroidery to ScanNCut. We include a FREE GIFT with most machines, so you can start crafting straight away!

If you need help our shop is open 6 days a week, and our staff are happy to help troubleshoot any concerns you might have. For more advanced technical issues or servicing, we can take your machine to a Brother-trained technician.


If you find the same item elsewhere at a better price, let us know and if we can, we will match it! As a local independent business sometimes we can't match on price, but we make up for this with our years of experience, product knowledge and top quality support for all our customers. 

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