Brother Ruffler Foot


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Use the Brother snap-on Ruffler Foot to create ruffles and pleats in varying depths and fullness, evenly spaced tucks, and gathers for home deco pillows and curtains.

You can also create beautiful trims using purchased ribbons.

The single-hole needle plate makes this foot perfect for ruffling lightweight fabrics as well.

Suitable for use with: L14, JA1400, JS1700, GS2510, GS2700, NX200QE, NX400, NX600, VQ2400, VQ3000, NS10, NS15, NS30, NS35, NS55, NV200, NV400, NV600, NV1100, NV1300, NV1800Q, NV2600, NQ3500D, QC2000, VM6200D, NV1e, NV1250D, NV950, NV180 and XV.

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