Brother Walking Foot - V, VX, XL, LS Series

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The Brother screw-on walking foot is a moving feed system that holds and moves fabric between the presser foot's upper feed dog and the machine's lower feed dogs, to better control difficult fabrics as well as multiple layers of fabric.

The walking foot is great for sewing when matching prints or plaids or when fabric drift is an issue, and is an essential tool when quilting.

This foot is suitable for use with our VQ3000 and VM6200D machines.

Brother offers several options of walking feet, which differ as to the width of the feed dogs, height of the shank, and in other aspects. Please check your manual or the machine listings on this website to find the correct walking foot to suit your machine.

PLEASE NOTE: Walking feet are not for use in reverse or side to side sewing, or with some built-in stitches that include any movement other than forward motion of the feed dogs.

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