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Coats Astra 30 Topstitching Thread is an Industry-quality thread popular with home sewers as well. Great for topstitching, upholstery, or jeans.

2000m Cone 
Tkt 30 
Tex 080

Astra represents the highest quality in staple spun polyester sewing thread. It is a versatile 100% synthetic thread, manufactured from carefully selected, high tenacity stabilised fibre which is produced to Coats' international standard by leading fibre makers.

Astra 30 is designed for high performance sewing and is suitable to the wide variety of fabrics. It is resistant to sunlight and chemical degradation, and is suitable for topstitching on denim and other heavyweight fabrics.

Recommended needle size 100-130.

PLEASE NOTE: We have tried to capture the colour of each item as best as we can but please be aware colours can vary from screen to screen and batch to batch.


We are a stockist for Coats Industrial Threads and can supply other colours and quantities on order. If you wish to make a bulk purchase above the quantity we have in stock please contact us so we can arrange that for you.

Coats are suppliers of high quality threads supplying approx 20% of the world thread market. They have a massive range for overlocking and garment construction as well as for upholstery, canvas, sail repair and more. They provide higher quality threads for applications when you want to know your thread won't let you down and your stitches are going to last.

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