Coats Dabond 30/V69


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Coats Dabond 30/V69 is a bonded, twisted continuous filament polyester thread for superior sewing performance. Designed with UV and abrasion protection to provide resistance against harsh weather conditions, marine water & sunlight.

The industry standard for sail making and other outdoor and marine applications.

3000m Cone
Tkt 30 / V69
Tex 80

Recommended needle size 110 - 120. (110 is the largest size most domestic machines will hold.)

Suitable for:

  • Sail making
  • Boat tops
  • Flags
  • Military supplies
  • Tents and awnings
  • Canvas and tarps
  • Inflatables / hot air balloons
  • Marine lift slings and tie downs
  • Applications requiring vinyl & chlorine bleach-fastness

Coats are suppliers of high-quality threads, supplying approximately 20% of the world thread market. They have a massive range of threads available for overlocking and garment construction, as well as for upholstery, canvas, sail repair and more. They provide higher quality threads for applications when you want to know your thread won't let you down and your stitches are going to last.

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