Singer Home Sewing Machine Needles - Regular Point

SKU: 2020.70/9

Size: 70/9
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Pack of five Singer brand machine needles with a regular point for woven fabrics. Fits most domestic sewing machines.

System: 2020, HAx1, 130/705H, 15x1

Point: Regular Point 2020

Available Sizes:

  • 70/9
  • 80/11
  • 90/14
  • Assorted


  • The single-size packs contain 5 needles of the specified size.
  • The Assorted pack contains 2 x 80, 2 x 90 and 1 x 100 sized needles.

    Singer Sewing Machine Needles are high quality and reliable. They are suitable for most brands and models of home sewing machines. If in doubt please check the system numbers in your manual or ask us.

    Along with our product photos, we have included a chart to aid in selecting the appropriate size and style of needle for your sewing needs. Plus, Singer machine needles are colour-coded so that you can easily identify the needle once it is removed from the package. No need to squint at the tiny writing to figure out which size it is!

    The colour coding indicates both the type and size of needle which means you can easily switch between needle types, put the spare needle aside and still be able to identify it later.

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