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Available in 24 stunning colour-ways, the new DMC 517 Stranded Coloris is a multi-coloured thread including four shades all in one thread. With its bright colour burst, all shades complement each other harmoniously without getting into one simple gradient of tones. Stitch after stitch, each thread tells a story.

Colour Variations is comprised of 6 size 25 easily separated strands, allowing you to adjust the thickness of your stitching by using a different number of strands.

The thread is 100% colourfast, fade resistant, and offers guaranteed DMC colour consistency from one skein to another.

DMC Coloris features the familiar 8.7 yards in a pull skein put-up.

Made in France.

PLEASE NOTE: Colours may vary from screen to screen.
Coloris Colours:

4500 Columbine Garden

4508 Frosty Morning

4516 Black Forest

4501 Wildfowers

4509 Granite Coast

4517 Elven

4502 Camellia

4510 Maple

4518 Cottage

4503 Wisteria

4511 Indian Summer

4519 Jingle Bells

4504 Hydrangea

4512 USA

4520 Christmas Story

4505 Heather

4513 London

4521 Wide Prairie

4506 Spring

4514 Venice

4522 Canadian Night

4507 Bougainvillea

4515 Paris

4523 North Wind

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