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DMC Light Effects is a glistening metallic thread that will add reflective qualities and sparkle to any needlework or craft project. 

Made from 100% polyester fibers, Light Effects Floss is comprised of 6 size 25 easily separated strands, and uses a colour numbering system that easily corresponds to the popular cotton DMC Embroidery Floss. You can add a subtle highlight to your stitching by combining one strand of cotton Embroidery Floss with one strand of Light Effects. Or for a more vibrant look, you can substitute Light Effects for its matching shade in Cotton Floss.

Light Effects is available in 36 brilliant colours in six thread families: Jewel Effects (14 colours), Precious Metal Effects (6 colours), Antique Effects (5 colours), Pearlescent Effects (8 colours), Fluorescent Effects (2 colours), Glow-in-the-Dark Effects (1 colour).

We're sure you'll love stitching with DMC Light Effects threads; they glide through fabric more smoothly than most other metallic-type threads. And with the premium quality DMC brand name behind it, the Light Effects line is sure to be a sparkling glittering addition to your next work of art!

DMC Light Effects Floss features the familiar 8.7 yard pull skein put-up.

Made in France.


  • A line of 36 glistening metallic threads in 6 color families
  • 100% polyester
  • Comprised of 6 size 25 easily separated strands
  • Light Effects uses a color numbering system that easily corresponds to the popular cotton DMC Embroidery Floss 


Jewels (14 colors)

Ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst… you'll find all of the precious stone effects in this collection. Plus, there are two multi-colored threads, Gemstones and Golden Dawn, which are exclusive to DMC and very unique in their coloring and stitched presentation. Ideal for stitching pieces where a glimmering sheen is desired, or for elements that naturally reflect light such as water, precious stones and more.

Antiques (5 colors)

Gilt finishes and antique metals, ideal for adding a vintage look to stitching, and a classic style for decorative purposes.

Pearlescents (8 colors)

Pastel, pearly, iridescent tones, ideal for delicate effects on baby items, special occasion pieces, or romantic themes, wherever a soft accent is desired.  Designs picturing natural effects such as pearlized seashells, the morning light, delicate flower petals … they all reflect these gentle tones.

Precious Metals (6 colors)

Silver, gold and bronze effects for the traditional metallic thread effect of enhancing with a subtle sheen.

Fluorescents (2 colors)

Two luminous shades, green and yellow, which add a bright look to any project.  Great for kids' items.  And with Back Stitching done in black around the fluorescent threads, a very dramatic effect can be achieved.

Glow-in-the-Dark (1 color)

An innovative new thread that lights up the night! After being exposed to light, this white thread delicately glows in the dark. A must for fun, bright projects, and kids will love it.

PLEASE NOTE: Colours may vary from screen to screen


Stitching Tips

  • Light Effects is a 6 ply stranded thread and separates just like floss. Each strand is similar in thickness to floss and references to the number of plys listed for a design are transferable.

  • Light Effects uses the same color numbering system as DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss. There is simply an “E” prefix in front of the color number.  For example, the popular color number 321 in DMC Cotton Floss has a corresponding color number E321 in Light Effects.

  • For the best stitching experience try working with a shorter length of thread. A 12” (30cm) length will help to keep the fibres fresh and prevent fraying which can occur when stitching with longer threads.

  • If your Light Effects thread become twisted while stitching, simply drop the needle and allow the thread to unwind itself.  By keeping the threads straight you will reduce knotting too.

  • To assure you get the best results, take your time.  By stitching slowly you’ll have better control over the placement and laying of your stitches.

  • When stitching surface embroidery try using a needle that is one size larger than you would normally use. The larger needle will help to “open” the fabric and allow the Light Effects thread to slide more easily through the fabric.

  • Using a thread conditioner like Thread Heaven is beneficial in aiding Light Effect threads to glide smoothly through the fabric.

Threading your needle with Light Effects

Light Effect threads are easy to work with when threaded through your needle with a slip knot. The slip knot holds the thread onto the needle. This technique works best when using an even number of strands. For stitching in 2 ply, cut the length twice the length needed; separate one strand and fold it in half. To make a slip knot fold the strand in half and thread the folded end through the eye of the needle. Place the thread loop over the point of the needle and pull firmly to secure the thread.


Light Effects can be washed in lukewarm water 30° C with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach. After washing the piece, wrap it a towel to absorb excess water, then dry it flat. For dry-cleanable pieces, any dry cleaning solvent except trichloroethylene may be used.

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