Fusible Bridal Stay Tape - 20mm


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Iron-on interfacing with reinforcing stitching for bridal gowns and tailoring. Sold by the metre.

Prevents stretching of edges and reinforces structure of garments, such as necklines of wedding dresses and fold lines on tailored jackets.

Size: 20mm wide

Colours: White and Black 

  • Fusible on one side
  • Reinforced with multiple lines of stitching along the length

PLEASE NOTE: As this product is cut to measure especially for you, it will not be returnable or refundable. Please make sure you are selecting the correct length for your requirements.

We do our best to send your order as one length, however occasionally there are joins in the rolls, so sometimes longer lengths will be in more then one piece.

Tips for Using Fusible Interfacing and Tapes 

Always test on a scrap of your fabric first.

The iron needs to be quite hot - hot enough to melt the glue but not so hot as to damage your fabric. If the iron is not hot enough the glue will not melt properly and the tape will not stick. 

If your fabric has a lower melting point than the glue then the fabric may not be suitable for fusing. Polyester and nylon fabrics often have a very low melting point. Sequinned fabrics are also not suitable for fusing as the sequins are plastic.

Do not use steam. Steam degrades the glue, reducing its ability to stick to your fabric.

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