High Shank Large Free Motion Foot

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The Embroidery and Darning Foot is designed specifically for free-motion quilting, embroidery, darning, and any application that requires you to control the stitching with the movement of your hands while manually guiding the fabric.

Allows for sewing of embroideries, monograms, darning holes and torn areas, crazy quilting, free-motion quilting, stippling and more. If you embroider or darn frequently then this metal foot is a better choice than the plastic option: it will withstand the extra strain and frequent use a lot better. Also, the large ring aids visibility of your stitching.

Will fit machines with high shanks. Fits directly onto the shank; for snap-on machines simply remove both the presser foot and the presser foot holder and screw on the darning/embroidery foot.

PLEASE NOTE: You must have drop-feed capability or a darning plate to cover the feed dogs on your machine to use this foot.

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