Madeira Stabilisers Starter Set

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The Madeira Starter Set contains one sample of each of the premium stabilisers available in the Madeira range, as well as an instruction booklet for working with these stabilisers.

In the Starter Set are:

  • Tear-Aways
    • Cotton Soft 30 x 60cm
    • Cotton Soft Black 30 x 40cm
    • Cotton Stable 30 x 40cm
    • Cotton Fix 25 x 40cm
  • Wash-Aways
    • Avalon Film 30 x 60cm
    • Avalon Ultra 30 x 40cm
    • Avalon Plus 30 x 40cm
    • Avalon Fix 24 x 20cm
  • Cut-Aways
    • Super Strong 30 x 60cm
    • Super Strong Black 30 x 40cm
    • Super Stable 30 x 40cm
    • Super Film 30 x 40cm


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