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Nothing screams luxury in a garment like an over-sized label. Natural fibre garments are better for our fashion footprint, so Kylie and the Machine have created a range of labels which are 100% cotton and biodegradable.

Each pack contains 2 of the following labels: Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wool.

These are super-luxe jumbo cotton labels, with pictures hand drawn by Kylie herself.

Cotton - growing in its wondrous plant form. 

Wool - a ball of warm fluffy goodness. 

Silk - a juicy mulberry leaf ready to be spun into silk fibres by the hardworking silk worm. 

Linen - the hardy flax plant.

Specific details about this label:

  • 100% cotton with screen-printed black ink
  • 4cm x 4cm plus 12mm seam allowance / 1-5/8” x 1-5/8” plus 1/2” seam allowance

Labels by KATM are super high-quality woven labels. They are classified as HD which is similar to a thread count found in sheets: finer and more threads which give the crispest designs. They are Oeko-Tex certified, washable, durable and non-scratchy!

New Packaging!

It was a no-brainer to switch to plastic-free packaging; KATM's individual packs are now made entirely from RECYCLED CARDBOARD and are fully biodegradable.

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