Piping Foot - 4.5mm - Low Shank


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This specialist screw-on piping foot will change your life if you like to make your own fabric piping for the edges of cushions or garments. 

It has a round channel for the piping cord to feed through and a needle hole positioned in exactly the right spot to secure the fabric around the cord. There is no fighting required to get the piping cord close enough to the foot; it just couldn't be easier. 

This piping foot has a channel 4.5mm or 3/16" wide; please measure your piping cord to ensure it will fit inside the channel. We also sell these feet with 3mm (1/8") and 6mm (1/4") wide channels. 

Fits most low shank machines. If your machine has a snap-on foot, simply remove the foot and then unscrew the foot holder. Slide the piping foot onto the shaft and replace the screw to hold it in place.

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