Schmetz Home Sewing Machine Needles - Wing

Size: 120/19
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Single hemstitch needle for decorative seams and hemstitching in loosely woven fabrics. Also known as a wing needle, because the 'wing' on each side of the needle blade pushes the fabric aside. High quality, reliable Schmetz brand needles to fit most domestic sewing machines.

System: HAx1, 130/705H, 15x1

Point: Wing

Available Sizes:

  • 100/16
  • 120/19

Quantity: 1 needle per pack 

Hemstitch Needles, also called Wing Needles, can be used for decorative seams and hemstitches in loosely woven fabrics. The traditional hemstitch effect is created by the "wings" on both sides of the needle blade which push the fabric threads to the side. The fabric threads support this effect by preventing the woven fabric from taking on its original position.

The best results and the most visible holes are achieved by using a decorative stitch where the needle is inserted multiple times into the same stitch hole. These stitches are sometimes already marked in bold as hemstitch stitches in the machine instructions. Traditional hemstitch embroidery in fine batiste or eyelet embroidery on linen are classic examples of this needle type.

Please make sure to use a zigzag stitch plate with an elongated stitch hole. It is best to apply the first stitches manually by turning the hand wheel in order to verify whether the needle is touching the needle plate. You should also test different decorative stitches on fabric scraps in order to determine the optimal thread tension as well as stitch length and width.

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