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An ideal sewing companion, Singer's fully adjustable dress model is a worldwide classic. Available in two sizes, the Singer Dress Model allows for pattern adjustments before cutting, better fittings and alterations.

Model 150 (available in Red only)
Bust 84cm - 100cm
Waist 64cm - 80cm
Hips 86cm - 102cm

Model 151 (available in Grey only)
Bust 100cm - 116cm
Waist 77cm - 93cm
Hips 101cm - 117cm

Ensure you get a great fit when sewing garments for yourself or others with an adjustable dress model from Singer. The dials allow you to adjust the size and proportion of each area so that the contours match the body you are sewing for. 

A Singer Dress Model also makes fitting garments to yourself much less awkward. Have you ever tried marking a hem on yourself? The height of the Singer Dress Model is adjustable so that you can ensure that you hem your garment to the correct length. Marking an even hem is made easy with the handy hem gauge.


  • Neck dial adjustment
  • Eight body panels, each backed with foam and covered with nylon fabric for pinning
  • Precisely dial your figure measurements with 12 body dials (four each at hips, waist and bust)
  • Locking waist/torso adjustment
  • Locking body height adjustment
  • Adjustable height hem gauge
  • Pedestal base
  • Easy to assemble

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