Zoje Automatic Direct Drive Walking Foot Machine

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The Zoje ZJ0303L-3-D3 is a heavy-duty electronic long-arm lockstitch machine with both top and bottom feeds. The compound feed system makes this a walking foot machine, particularly suited to leather, PVC, heavy canvas and tarpaulin, and quilted items, with no risk of fabric slipping.

With an extra large sewing space and high footlift the ZJ0303L-3-D3 can accommodate thicker materials and larger projects, and thanks to the large rotary hook, which is 2.5 times larger than standard sewing machines, you can use the heaviest grades of machine thread for strong, heavy-duty seams.

Both the hardware and the software of the machines in Zoje’s ZJ0303L range are designed with comfort and ease-of-use in mind. These machines have energy-saving direct drive servo motors that reduce power consumption by up to 40% while also minimising noise and vibration while sewing. 

The flywheel has been made larger to make it easier to operate, and the fully automatic lubrication system complete with oil pump keeps maintenance to a minimum. The sewing area is lit by bright LED lighting, and using the control panel you can manage an automatic needle positioning system, automatic reverse and an automatic thread trimmer, as well as a speed limiter so you can maintain careful, controlled stitches on difficult fabrics.

Specifications for the Zoje ZJ0303L-3-D3

Max. Speed

2000 spm

Max. Stitch Length


Presser Foot Lift by Hand / Knee

7mm / 15mm


Automatic pump



Fabric suitability

Midweight to heavy, including leather

Needle system

DPx17, 135x17, SY3355

Included with this machine are: operation manuals, oil, bobbins, a screwdriver, and needles.

Setting Up Your Machine

A crucial part of most industrial sewing systems is the table, into which the machine must be inserted before it can be used. Your industrial machine will arrive with the table assembled and all wiring and testing complete. All that you will need to do is insert the head (i.e. the actual machine) into the table and plug it in.

Please be aware that industrial sewing machines are solid, heavy objects, and you will need at least two people to insert the machine head into the table, as it requires tipping and positioning the head of the machine onto the hinges which are on an awkward angle within the table.

If you need any clarification on this please contact us; we are happy to explain the process further.


Your purchased machine can either be delivered directly to your home or premises, or to The Sewing Depot store in Petone. For this reason the "Pick Up" option for industrial machines still requires payment of a Delivery fee, as most of our stock is held in Auckland.

If you choose to have your machine delivered to our store in Petone you also have the option of an introductory demonstration with one of our staff members. We have several demonstration models on site, but due to the boutique nature of our little shop there is limited space to house all of the industrial machines we sell. 

When it comes to taking your machine away, the average size of the machine tables are 120cm wide by 55cm deep, and around 75cm high (although the height is adjustable). You will need to have access to a vehicle that will accommodate those measurements, although our staff are happy to remove the table legs ready for transport if required.

If you would like to avoid the hassle of transporting your own new industrial machine but would still like an in-store demonstration, this may be possible to do using our in-store machines. To find out more please get in touch via the options on our Contact page.

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