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This genuine Singer brand Walking Foot - also known as an even-feed foot - is ideal for matching stripes and plaids, quilting, bag-making and sewing difficult fabrics. It has a metal frame and claw, which is stronger and more durable than the plastic clawed versions.

This is a screw-on foot for low-shank machines, and fits many different brands and models.

Using A Walking Foot

A walking foot is not as complicated as it looks! It has a set of feed dogs similar to those on your sewing machine, which means that the top layer of fabric will feed through your machine at the same speed as the lower layer of fabric.

This prevents that awkward situation where you end up with extra fabric on the top layer at the end of your seam.

Walking feet are incredibly versatile; use them for: 

  • Matching stripes and plaids 
  • Quilting (they are essential to make sure your quilt "sandwich" moves evenly) 
  • Bag-making
  • Topstitching 

Fits most low shank machines. If your machine has a snap-on foot, simply remove the foot and then unscrew the foot holder. Slide the walking foot onto the shaft, ensure that the foot's arm sits above the machine's needle screw and replace the foot holder screw to hold the walking foot in place. 

For best results when quilting increase your stitch length to 3 or 4. If the foot is slipping try increasing the presser foot pressure on your machine (where possible). 

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