Introduction to Stretch Fabrics Class

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Enjoy our new revamped class "Introduction to Stretch Fabrics".

A one-hour hands-on experience that unravels the secrets of a sewing machine. Our second foundational class for those who have just learnt how to sew. 

Bring your own sewing machine or hire one of ours at no extra cost. This class does not require you to have a sewing machine or know how to sew. 

Explore the fundamentals of stretch fabrics such as t-shirting cotton, knit jersey, lycra and many others including mixed fibre fabrics. Our tutors will provide a background of the formation of these fibres to help understand how to work with each fabric in the best way. Dive into key terms used in sewing for these fabrics and how to choose suitable fabrics for your projects. 

This is the second class in Level Two of the Sewing Depot's new Sewing Snips Series - An innovative practical approach for learning to sew, following a sequence of one-hour weekly sessions, systematically building skills each week for a structured progression to transform aspiring sewists into accomplished dressmakers. With take-home resources and one-on-one follow up.

Book the course as a whole for a discounted price, or drop in to casual sessions for $40 each. Pre-registration required to ensure this is at a suitable level. 

Level One:

1.1 Introduction to Sewing

1.2 Make Friends with your Machine

1.3 Choosing Consumables

1.4 Understanding Tension

1.5 Sewing Straight

1.6 Sewing Curves

1.7 Make a Bag Project


Level Two:

2.1 Introduction to Woven Fabrics

2.2 Introduction to Stretch Fabrics

2.3 Fabric Composition In Depth

2.4 Introduction to Patterns

2.5 Essential Sewing Tools

2.6 Taking Measurements 

2.7 Make a Custom Sewing Machine Cover Project

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