Knifekut Pinking Shears

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We have searched high and low for modern pinking shears that meet our high standards, and we have finally found some.

The Knifekut 9" Pinking Shears have high-quality forged steel blades with super sharp cutting edges, and are finished with a strong moulded plastic handle that makes them extra comfortable to use.

Total length: 9" / 23cm

Blade length: 3.5" / 7.5cm pinking teeth

Finger hole: 70mm x 22mm approx.

Thumb hole: 31mm x 26mm approx.

Pinking shears are an essential tool for finishing raw fabric edges to minimise fraying, and a pinked edge can even be used as a design feature to give a traditional finish, for instance in beeswax wraps.

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