Sewline Aqua Eraser

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The Sewline Aqua Eraser is the gentle way to remove ink marks from fabrics.

Removing drafting lines without damaging our fabric can often be a cause of concern, but not any more with the Sewline Aqua Eraser.

It works rather like a fountain pen, with a reservoir that you fill with water, or a water and detergent mix. Your finger pressure on the soft grip then dampens the special soft fibre point. By lightly dabbing or running this point along the line or mark, the special point absorbs the pencil or water-based ink mark.

It's so much quicker and easier than fiddling with a sponge or cloth, and when the point of the Aqua Eraser becomes discoloured, simply pull it out and slip in a new point: we have packs of Sewline Aqua Point Refills available.

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