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Here at the Sewing Depot we often get enquiries from customers who need the strength of a heavy industrial plain sewer for frequent sewing of canvas, heavy denim and upholstery, but love the extra features of the Singer Heavy Duty home sewing range - especially those one-step buttonholes! 

So we've put together this machine combo especially for those customers, and we call it the Crossover Combo because it's the perfect cross-over of domestic and industrial machines for your small business or home-based sewing operation.

In this combo you get the Singer 141G-30CEA Heavy Industrial Plain Sewing Machine, and both the Singer Heavy Duty 4432 Home Sewing Machine and the 14HD854 Heavy Duty Home Overlocker - that’s three whole machines - for $2,399.

The Singer 141G-30CEA plain sewer is the ideal machine for strong, durable seams on your heavy-duty projects: jeans, upholstery, awnings and more. The direct-drive servo motor has the power to stitch through these heavier fabrics with ease, and with a maximum speed of 4000 stitches per minute, you can get through these projects even faster.

And what the industrial machine brings in terms of power and speed, the Singer Heavy Duty domestic range enhances with high-quality finishing and decorative stitches: the Singer 4432 domestic sewing machine provides you with a simple one-step buttonhole system and a fantastic range of special stitches, including blind hem and satin stitches; and the Singer 14HD854 domestic overlocker performs 3- and 4-thread overlocking and safety stitching with ease, as well as a 2-thread rolled hem, flatlock stitching and more.

Like most industrial machines, the Singer 141G-30CEA comes with a full table set up, while both the Singer Heavy Duty 4432 Home Sewing Machine and the 14HD854 Home Overlocker are portable, meaning that these three machines together not only represent excellent value for money but give you all the stitches you need to create high-quality fashion or furnishings in a small space. Just think, you could set up the plain sewer in your home workshop or studio, and take the Heavy Duty machines backstage to fashion shows for those last-minute touch-ups!

So if you have been wondering about upgrading your home sewing system to include an industrial machine, or perhaps taking the next step with your furnishings or fashion label, but you don’t want to forgo the mod-cons of Singer's modern domestic range, our Singer Crossover Combo could be just what you need.

The Singer Crossover Combo contains:

Setting Up Your Machine

A crucial part of most industrial sewing systems is the table, into which the machine must be inserted before it can be used. Your industrial machine will arrive with its table assembled and all wiring and testing complete. All that you will need to do is insert the head (i.e. the actual machine) into the table and plug it in.

Please be aware that industrial sewing machines are solid, heavy objects, and you will need at least two people to insert the machine head into the table, as it requires tipping and positioning the head of the machine onto the hinges which are on an awkward angle within the table.

If you need any clarification on this please contact us; we are happy to explain the process further.


Your purchased machines can either be delivered directly to your home or premises, or to The Sewing Depot store in Petone. If you choose to have your machines delivered to our store you also have the option of an introductory demonstration with one of our staff members. We have several demonstration models on site, but due to the boutique nature of our little shop there is limited space to house all of the industrial machines we sell.

When it comes to taking your industrial machine away, the average size of the machine tables are 120cm wide by 55cm deep, and around 75cm high (although the height is adjustable). You will need to have access to a vehicle that will accommodate those measurements, although our staff are happy to remove the table legs ready for transport if required.

If you would like to avoid the hassle of transporting your own new industrial machine but would still like an in-store demonstration, this may be possible to do using our in-store machines. To find out more please get in touch via the options on our Contact page.

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